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Philippine Ethnic Jewelry Natural Handmade Fashion Jewelry Wet and Wear Agsam Vine Bracelets

Agsam Vine Jewelry - Philippines natural vine bracelets. One of a kind. These bracelets are only found in the
Philippines. Hand woven to create unique ethnic tribal fashion accessory. Braided vine bracelets, agsam necklaces and
agzam jewelry. Ideal for teens accessory, unisex fashion accessory to your day to day fashion accent. Get your unique
tribal bracelets with us! ethnic jewelry, ethnic fashion, handmade jewelry, wet and wear fashion, wet and wear
jewelry, tribal bracelets, handmade bracelets, vine bracelets, philippines jewelry, teen fashion
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Address:057-A Sun Valley Drive V. Rama Ave.City:CebuState:-----Post Code:-----Country:Philippines
Telephone : 63 32 2626526Mobile:-----Toll Free:-----Fax:-----Email:-----
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